30KW/40HP 440V (ND) Nidec Control Techniques VFD

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General Specifications:

Rating: 30KW/40HP  (Three phase 440V)          Current: 60 Amps.         Model: NE3004T0220PB

Make: Nidec Control Techniques.    Duty Class: Normal Duty. (150% Starting Torque for 1sec.)

Control Modes:  Vector control with PG (VC) , Vector control without PG (SVC) , V/F control Mode.

Suitable For: Induction Motor, PMSM (Permanant Magnet Synchronous Motor). HSN Code: 85364900

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Control Techniques over 40 years drive industry expertise provides high performance, high-reliability products for customers. We are dedicated to industrial automation development. Productdevelopment team in the UK headquarter to 45 automation centers worldwide provide an overall solution for customers. Control Techniques is the technical leader in the motion control field.

Here are some features

Outstanding control performance
• Outstanding software control platform with unique vector control algorithm
• Renesas 32 bit high speed motor control DSP
• Authentic current vector control: torque current and field current decoupling control
• Advanced vector control algorithm: induction motor and PM motor control
• Three control modes: Vector control without PG, Vector control with PG and V/F control
• The real hardware speed tracking function, more stable and reliable than the software tracking function
• Dynamic current torque control, quickly response to load variation
• Accelerating current suppression, unique current algorithm avoid machine trip due to high startup current without impacting startup torque
• Superior torque performance at low frequency, open loop vector control 150% torque output at 0.5Hz, satisfied low frequency high torque applications such as machine tool, crane and hoist industry.
• Superior overload performance: 180% current for 20s
• High precision speed control, enable high accurate synchronous control

Novel design
• Independent ventilation design for all whole series products, ventilation channel and electrical components are separated, reduce the failure rates for electrical parts.
• Compact design, based on thermal simulation and design to reduce product size, the size of products is around 70% of main stream brands at the same power rating.
• Graphic keypad to satisfy majority operation behavior
• Control panel standard RJ45 port, enhanced communication anti-interference ability, convenient to extension.
• Aluminum zinc plate and painting protection ensure the grounding protection, shielding
performance and products’ rot resistance.
• DC fan design for whole series products, reduce cooling system failure rate leading by AC fan breakdown

Superior adaptability

Unique IGBT drive circuit, more reliable operation for power components
• Phase-to-phase Short-circuit protection for all product, grounding protection for >18.5KW products, adaptable for harsh environment
• Wide working voltage range: 304VAC~456VAC
• German conformal coating material
• Optimize EMC design, immunity for high interference environment
• 100% incoming inspection
• Automatic PCB and drive tests
• High temperature aging test for PCB and drives

Additional information







Ambient Temperature

-10~+40°C, deration is required from 40 to 50°C, rated output current decreasing 1% per 1°C temperature higher.

Overload Capacity

Type G: 150% rated current 1min, 180% rated current 20s Type P: 120% rated current 1min, 150% rated current 1s

Control Mode

Vector control with PG(VC) , Vector control without PG(SVC),V/F control

Braking Unit


Key Functions

Torque/speed control mode switching, Multi-function input/ output terminals, under voltage regulation, AC operation grounding switching, torque limit, multi step operation, slip compensation, PID regulation, simple PLC, current control, manual/ automatic torque boost, current limit, AVR function

Protection Functions

Power undervoltage/overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, IGBT protection, heatsink overheat protection, drive overload protection, motor overload protection, External devices faults protection, output phase-to-phase short-circuit protection, Abnormal power failure in running, power supply trip, output phase loss, EEPROM trip, Analog input trip, communication trip, version compatibility trip, cloning trip, hardware overload protection

Suitable of Application

Fan, Pump, Mixer, Agitator, HVAC, Conveyors, SPM, Spindle, CNC, and many more applications


1 Year from the date of Invoice

Keypad Type

7 Segment LED Keypad, Detachable type

Braking Resistor Value

4000 Watts, 30 Ohm (Ω)

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