Hitachi SJ700i-4000HFEF2 (Heavy Duty) 400Kw 525hp 400Vac

SJ700i/L700i  series from hitachi is top most from hitachi in low voltage. It covers almost all features and application needs with Japanese technology. Hitachi SJ700i / L700i series drives are designed to meet theproduction and performance needs of OEMs and machine builders, system integrators, panel builders and end users across all industry segments to serve wide range of applications.

The drive comes with many standard features and capabilities and can be augmented with various communications and I/O options. With wide-range of options for I/Os and communications, Hitachi SJ700i / L700i series drives can be easily configured to meet the requirements of wide-range of applications like pumps, fans, compressors, OEM machinery,

material handling cranes, hoists, conveyors, etc. across various industry segments i.e. steel & metal, plastics, paper, etc.

With the full range of harmonics filters, Hitachi provides very cost effective and efficient solutions to customers to manage the harmonics generated by the drives not only to meet the IEEE 519 harmonics guidelines but also to make the Drive system much more energy efficient and eco friendly.


Hitachi SJ700i / L700i series drives are designed for high torque demanding applications that have high overload requirements. At the heart of the drive, there are the high-performance motor control modes like special 0 Hz.Sensorless Vector Control Mode (SLV), closed loop vector control that provide ultimate performance for the drive to deliver high performance


Hitachi SJ700i / L700i series drives are very easy to maintain and operate. The design and construction of the drives is such that replacement of failed components like fans and capacitors can be accomplished within the field in fraction of minutes. The components in the drive are designed for long life without any failures. Various preventive maintenance functions are incorporated in the drive to make it extremely simple for maintenance personnel to maintain the drives in the field.

The drives come with very powerful and graphical drive programming software which makes it very simple for engineers and technicians to manage various parameter sets in the drive

and analyze drive performance very easily.



Hitachi Hirel Is Combination Of Hitachi (Japanese) and Hirel (Indian) Company. They comes with wide range of Products and Japanese technology. They have Manufacturing facility at Sanand Gujrat. Due to manufacturing facility in India it is convenient for customers when it comes to replacement or repairing. Due to presence Indian company in this they have very strong local network across the India.

Hitachi has wide range of products in drive automation. They comes with different series of VFD like HH10, HH100, HH200, HH180, SJ700 and L700. They have special VFD for Elevator and Solar. All products are rated to 50 C. They have good technology and so are there products.





Additional information

Model No./ Cat. No. / Part No.


Output Current (Amps)


Power rating (Kw)


Power Rating (Hp)


Input Voltage Range

380 V AC to 480 V AC ± 10%

Heavy /Normal Duty

Heavy Duty

Overload Capacity

150% Over-Load for 1 min. every 10 mins

Braking Chopper

Optional / External

Digital Inputs


Digital Outputs

1 Relay output & 5digital outputs

Analog Inputs


Analog Outputs


Cooling Methods

Fan Cooling, Natural Cooling

Carrier freq. /switching Frequency

0.5Khz to 15Khz

Control Methods

V/F, SVPWM, sensorless vector control

Detachable Keypad


Acc/Dec Range

0.01 to 99.99, 100.0 to 999.9, 1000. to 3600. (seconds)

PID Function

Inbuilt PID function

Auto Tunning


Ambient Temperature

Ambient temperature between -10 to 50°C, non-condensing

Display Type

7 segment LED, (LCD optional)

Communication types

Modbus RS-485


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