Hitachi HH10-0R7-4 – 0.75Kw 1hp 400Vac

HH10 is basic series of Hitachi.. HH10 series Economic drive is new generation of general purpose inverter with rich features, wide-power range and widely used in Fan, water pump speed control and conveyor applications. Products are based in latest TI 32-bit DSP which gives highly accurate motor autotuning ,high-speed control and improves reliability of the product.

HH10 has V/F Control Method. Its natural air cooling system is suitable for textile like applications where heat sink get covered with cotton and dust. It has all protective functions such as Overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, overtemperature, overload and other protections. HH10 series comes up to 2.2kw in both single phase and three phase verion. All products are rated for 50c ambient temperature.




Hitachi Hirel Is Combination Of Hitachi (Japanese) and Hirel (Indian) Company. They comes with wide range of Products and Japanese technology. They have Manufacturing facility at Sanand Gujrat. Due to manufacturing facility in India it is convenient for customers when it comes to replacement or repairing. Due to presence Indian company in this they have very strong local network across the India.

Hitachi has wide range of products in drive automation. They comes with different series of VFD like HH10, HH100, HH200, HH180, SJ700 and L700. They have special VFD for Elevator and Solar. All products are rated to 50 C. They have good technology and so are there products.

Additional information

Model No./ Cat. No. / Part No.


Output Current (Amps)


Power rating (Kw)


Power Rating (Hp)


Input Voltage Range

3-phase, 380-480V

Heavy /Normal Duty

Normal Duty

Overload Capacity

"150% of rated current: 1 minute, 180% of rated current: 10 seconds,
200% of rated current: 1 second"

Braking Chopper


Digital Inputs


Digital Outputs

1 relay output & 1 transistor

Analog Inputs


Analog Outputs


Cooling Methods

Fan Cooling, Natural Cooling

Carrier freq. /switching Frequency

1kHz to 15 kHz

Control Methods

Adjustable V/F control

Detachable Keypad


Acc/Dec Range


PID Function


Auto Tunning


Ambient Temperature

-10~50°C, derate above 40°C

Display Type

7 segment LED

Communication types

Modbus RS-485

Braking Resistor Value


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