Delta VFD150E43A E-Series 15Kw 20hp 400Vac

Delta VFD E series Drives comes with both single phase and three phase option. Its an compact series with many modern features such as Built in EMI filer. It features Flexible options via option cards such as I/O card, Relay card PG Card USB card to meet your requirements.

It gives Complete Protection functions like high precision current detedtion, Full overload protection Over voltage over Current stall prevention, Short circuit protection,  reset after fault, speed search function and motor over heat protection by PTC

This series of drive ranges from 0.5hp to 30hp. This drive can be used from applications such as Vaccum compressor, Eascalators, Conveyors, CT & LT motion of Crane, Food strirer, Noodle maker, Grinder Drill Machine, Wood cutter Sparying machines, Pump, Fan and water treatment equipments etc.

It has an inbuilt PLC function which is very helpful if you have to write a small program inside a VFD. This also help you customize the input output requirement of VFD. This PLC function has proved to be very useful in many application such as packaging, Fan Pump and other applications.




Delta Electronics  is one of the trusted name in the field of Electronics and Automation. They have world class products in automation. With more than 15 years Delta has established there roots in India. They have wide range of drives. VFD E series is one of the oldest series of Drive. Due to its consistant performance E series is running for years. This AC drive ranges from half hp to 30 hp.

Here is basic setup of E series Drive

Here is basic Wiring drawing


Additional information

Model No./ Cat. No. / Part No.


Output Current (Amps)


Power rating (Kw)


Power Rating (Hp)


Input Voltage Range

3-phase, 380-480V

Heavy /Normal Duty

Normal Duty

Overload Capacity

150% for 60 secs

Braking Chopper


Digital Inputs


Digital Outputs

1 relay output & 1 transistor

Analog Inputs


Analog Outputs


Cooling Methods

Fan Cooling, Natural Cooling

Carrier freq. /switching Frequency

1kHz to 15 kHz

Control Methods

Adjustable V/F control and vector Control

Detachable Keypad


Acc/Dec Range

0 to 600 secs

PID Function

In-built PID

Auto Tunning


Ambient Temperature

40 Degree Celcius

Display Type

7 segment LED

Communication types

Modbus RS-485

Braking Resistor Value


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