We are the World class transformer Oil Filtration Manufacturer.
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About Us

Established in the year 2016, Solims SPM has since then been manufacturing and supplying Transformer Oil Filtration Plants, Vacuum Impregnation Plant, Industrial Oil Filters and Engineered Oil Filtration Plants of varying capacities as well as Vacuum Drying Autoclaves. Our high quality, precision engineered equipment is supplied to transformer industry where they are utilized to maintain the flow and filtration of insulating oils. Our systems effectively remove all impurities restoring the oils to a pure grade. Our state of the art manufacturing facility has the capacity to produce superior quality plants and equipments which contribute towards better performance and increased efficiency of various engineering industries









Our Vision

The Solims SPM  will provide the highest-quality end products to our customers, while striving to make them the leaders in their respective industries. To guarantee our continued success we will achieve a reasonable profit, continue to be the leader in our industry through individual and combined dedication, innovation, and integrity. We will give our Customers the opportunity for both personal and professional growth.

Our Team

Our Solims SPM team is our greatest asset. They are the differentiator. They are passionate about Quality and result. They put on so many efforts to bring on best out of them. They are always ready to work for customer and gain respect, We had developed our team in such a manner that they are very prompt towards customer aspects.
With there Innovative ideas they make a difference to Delivery new ideas and Solution to make your workflow easy.