Oil Filtration Plant or Oil filtration machine

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Insulating oil or Transformer oil is an oil that is very stable at higher temp. There oils have an insulating property which resists at very high temperature. It is used in oil-filled transformers, few types of high-voltage capacitors, fluorescent lamps and some types of high-voltage circuit breakers (VCB) and circuit breakers. Its functions is isolate, suppress the corona discharge and spark and serve as a cooling liquid. To run this electrical equipment up to the standards, Oil play an important role. This Oil should not be impure and should be purified from time to time basis.

To Purify this Oil, we need transformer oil filtration machine.

With the use to this transformers Oil gets impure and contaminated with Gases dust particles an moisture, and needs to be purify. To remove impurities such as moisture, dirt, air and other dissolved gases from transformer and distribution oil we come up with transformer Oil Filtration unit.  Our Oil Filtration Machines are based on High vacuum and low temperature principle, as per international standards.  We produce variable capacity Oil filtration plants with Capacity from 600 to 25000 LPH, if required by customers, we can provide customize solution and also we can design customize machine as per customer needs

This plant takes the contaminated oil into the system through the inlet ball valve, and then pumps it through the pump with forced displacement. The filter removes solid particles up to 1 mm in size and magnetic particles. After heating the oil up to 58-60 ° C it is passed through the cartridge filters, where particles as small as 5 microns are separated. A Uniquely designed vacuum chamber removes contaminations such as moisture, air and all gases with a vacuum. The oil falls under the action of gravity over the medium, forming a thin film of oil, exposing a large surface area. Dissolved moisture and gases are evacuated, and the oil is ready to be reused as good as new.

Our Oil filtration plants Consists of

  1. Entry pump or Inlet Pump.

As per capacity of Oil filtration machine positive displacement gear type pump will be provided. The pump will be used for vacuum and hassle free non stop operation without any problems. The pressure relief valve will act as protection to a gear pump to control the accidental increase in pressure in the plant.

By pass arrangement is provided in between Inlet & Outlet

  1. Heaters

In the protective tubes, heating elements made of nichrome or Kanthal inserted in refractory molding devices will be provided to avoid local overheating, the formation of a hot spot and the destruction of the oil. The heaters can heat the oil from 200 to 600 ° C, The total power of the heater will be from 8 to 250 kW, divided into two-three groups. Each group of heaters is controlled by the TIC. An additional thermostat will be provided as a safety measure to control the temperature during an emergency temperature rise.

A drain valve for the heater tank is provided.

  1. Filtration system

The filtration system will consist of the following:

Preliminary/ Initial Filter

This filter will be provided to prevent damage to the piston pump by pulling magnetic particles and all other particles larger than 1 mm. It is possible to clean the filter without removing the filter from the pipe.

This can be Cleaned without disassembling


  • Flow capacity: from 600 to 25000 LPH
  • Classification – 50 mm
  • Stopping magnetic particles


The filters are easy to change. It will be suitable to remove particles of more than 20 microns. It will be adequate to remove the sediment content in the residual oil. This will increase the life of the fine filter.

Cartridge filter /thin filter.

Discard the elements of the non-hygroscopic cartridge filter with a classification of individual microns. The cartridges are easily replaced and have a high dust collection capacity.


  1. Ion reaction column


To reduce the acidity in the oil, an ionic reaction column of 10 to 40 kg of activated alumina will be provided. When the Ion Reaction Column is filled for the first time, a bypass device will be provided.

  1. Degassing chamber (one-stage and two-stage)


This will be MS. Welded construction The chamber will be designed to withstand the proper vacuum. In the degassing chamber, dissolved gases and moisture in the oil will be eliminated. In the degassing chamber, a special material is provided that provides the maximum surface area to form a thin film of oil to achieve the maximum possible removal of dissolved gases and moisture at a nominal flow rate. To control the oil level in the degassing chamber, a Maximum level float switch and a Minimum level potential float switch is provided.

Two stages will be separated by a siphon seal.


  1. Output Pump / Outlet Pump

A centrifugal pump will be installed at the outlet. The capacity of the pump will be 12,000 LPH, and it will be adequate to suck oil from the vacuum degassing chamber.

  1. Vacuum pumping system

For evacuation of the degassing chamber, a combination of rotary and root vacuum pumps are provided.

The system provides an additional connection with a shut-off valve for simultaneous evacuation of the transformer tank.

The vacuum pump system will be equipped with all necessary accessories, such as steam trap, condenser, valves and sensors, etc.


  1. Cooling system

A condenser will be provided to cool in the vacuum line. A condenser will be provided to maintain the temperature of the surrounding water, which will circulate through this condenser to collect water in the trap. A water tank will be installed on top of the mobile van, capable of holding 100 liters of water.


  1. Non-Return valve

A non-return valve will be installed at the inlet and one at the outlet, which will avoid the mixing of the filtered and unfiltered oil in the event of a power failure.


  1. Valve and pipe

Two ventilation valves will be provided to ventilate the vacuum system. All valves incorporated will be a ball valve, in the case of a fully automatic system, the solenoid valves with a carbon steel housing and a S.S. will be provided, suitable for the vacuum condition.

  1. Control Panel


The enclosure will be made of CRCA sheets and will be adequately covered to protect against weather conditions. All electrical test equipment, mains isolator, starters, contactors, indicator lights, buttons, HRC fuses, relays, indicator lights and interlocks shall be housed in the panel. All wiring will be routed accurately and all end wires will be properly identified with the ferruls.

A lamp light will be provided to illuminate the plant. The plant will be suitable for operation at 415 V, 3 phases, 50 Hz. A.C.

As per customer needs following are included

  • On Line Moisture Meter
  • Oil Flow Meter with Totalizer
  • Sleeping Arrangement
  • Platform for Bike
  • Painting


We guarantee the operation of the plant with 12 months from the date of start-up of the plant, or 18 months from the date of shipment, whichever comes first. During the warranty period we perform at the written request of the buyer to repair or replace, at our discretion and as quickly as possible any part of the goods delivered, which may be damaged or unusable due to poor material, defective design or poor workmanship . This warranty does not cover damage caused by normal wear and tear, improper maintenance, failure to observe operating instructions, improper operation, overloading, use of inappropriate materials and other reasons beyond our control. This warranty does not apply to consumables, rubber parts (including oil / vacuum hoses) and electric motor components.

We will be pleased to serve you with our Oil filtration plants

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