VFD Panel system /Ac Drive Panel.

While manufacturing a VFD panel We make sure it I technically ok. Its logic and component selection should be correct. Here I am mentioning some of the things to consider while manufacturing VFD panel. Please go through it. If you have any questions or you need help we are there


VFD or AC drive is recommended to Install in Panel. As most of the VFD comes with IP 21 protection we should always install VFD in a Panel Box. Here are some of the things to consider while making a VFD.

Arrangements and spacing:

All the components should be mount in proper order. VFD has specified distance spacing on each side. Required spacing should be kept for proper heat ventilation purpose. Arrangement of components should be in such a manner that no hot air should enter into heat sink of VFD. This may cause VFD to trip on overheat. So proper spacing is important.



VFD is made to protect Motor. It protects motors from OVER-CURRENT, OVER- VOLTAGE, OVER-TEMPRATURE, etc. But we need to protect VFD from various dangers to make sure it works health and for long life.

  1. MCB/MCCB:

Input from mains EB or another source should not be given directly to VFD. It should be given through MCCB or MCB. Selection of MCB/ MCCB should be according to rating to VFD. Current rating of VFD/Motor should be considered while making selection of MCB/ MCCB. It helps you protect VFD from Overcurrent, and short circuit protection.

  1. Line Choke/ Input Choke

Line choke or Input Choke should be installed in panel. It Will help you in protection from overvoltage Spikes and surges. Sudden fluctuations in power supply will be absorbed by Line choke or Input reactor.


Power Wiring.

Power wiring is very important in Panel. Maximum power (current) will flow this. Desired precautions should be taken while doing power Wiring. Selection of Power wiring should be as per standards suggested by VFD Manufacturer. Same In case of Large VFD where Bus bars are Used. Be conscious while selecting a Busbar sizes. Wheatear to use Aluminum or Copper Busbar.

Control Wiring


Controls wiring should be in separate channel (cable tray) As most of the VFD has 24V Dc supply Control Supply there is major chance of inducing noise in control wiring. Which may tend to malfunction VFD controls abnormal. This make affect your system on time to time basis.

All the control such as start/stop, FWD/REV, Speed Control, Indicators should be taken on Panel Door. Also indications such as RPM, Voltage, Current, etc should be on panel door.  Try to avoid mounting of Keypad on door. This will increase the chances to damage of keypad/Operator display by mishandling or misuse by unskilled worker. When all the controls are on door you will rarely open the door control panel and you will protect Panel from Dust and other particles to enter inside.

Ferrules should be used for proper diagnostics of Panel in future.


Peripheral system arrangements

If you require Bypass arrangement for VFD such as DOL (direct Online) or star Delta Arrangement you can do it accordingly. This arrangement will help you in case of emergency.

You need to make an arrangement of Fans and filters for ventilation according to size of panel. You can provide tube light for further maintenance.


Terminals should be proper sized (ratings) and mounted near to gland plates to make it easier for wiring. Ferrul numbers should be fair enough visible to user.



If you have any quires related to panel please let us know. If you have any enquiry please don’t forget to post. We will surely help you on technical and commercial terms.


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