The Application Variable Frequency Drive in Crusher

  1. Application Overview

There are different types of Crushers available in Industry as per Different Application Needs. Different types of crushers are hammer type crusher, Roller crusher, Impact Crusher, Jaw Crusher, Composite Crusher Etc. Crusher is used in many industrial sectors such as Stone crushing, Smelting, building materials, Mining, etc.

In a crusher machine Consist of large motors. These motors drives crusher Jaw or roller through a Belt. Due to heavy load on in high inrush current is taken by motor. So star delta connections were used in these application. Now a days peoples are using VFD

Crusher is one of the costly instrument in these industry and so it has to more efficient and reliable. A small breakdown in crusher could cost a lot.


 Photograph of Crusherstone-chrusher-solims


Requirement of VFD for Crusher application.

  • Smooth start stop action with acceleration and decelerations reduces machines wear and tear and sudden starting shock and maintenance cost.
  • VFD should provide protections such as high impact sudden load as well as overcurrent protection, Overvoltage protection
  • In crusher application there are sudden changes in load. VFD should be capable of handling such variation in load. Vector control drives and high overload capacity feature is required for smooth application.
  • Speed of VFD is settable this is used to change the quality of output production as per the need. So while on lower speed and Load VFD will give energy saving also


Benefits of using VFD.

  • Less machine wear and tear
  • Energy saving
  • Extended life of motor and crusher Machine
  • Better efficiency of crusher
  • Additional Motor protections
  • Lower rating of transformer.


Recommended brands


Fuji, Schneider, Yasakawa, Mitsubushi and ABB


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