VFD for Liquid Pouch Packaging machine.

Application Overview

Now a day we get everything ready and well packed. All everything is well packed and well looked. Thanks to the automated packaging machines to make it good. Here we will see a good example of packaging machine Using VFD

Liquid Pouch filling machine packaging machine. This is generally used for Milk pouch filling or Oil pouch packaging. Generally, it comes with either two heads or in single head. The photo attached Below is Double head Packaging Machine from Nichrome India, Satara. India’s No one Packaging machine manufacturer.





In this machine you will see a hopper at the top of machine from where liquid flow into machine for Pouch packaging. A pump is used to control the speed of Liquid going into machine. To control Pump VFD is used.

In Machine Pouch paper is initially sealed vertical with the heater plates and it is sealed horizontal. Machine is designed in such a way that it pulls paper in downward direction and in the process it is sealed vertically and horizontally. All this is controlled through PLC. You can vary the settings as per your needs through HMI (Human Machine Interface) screen. For ½ Liter or one-liter pouch.

Need of VFD for Input Pump in liquid packaging machine.

Most of the settings in Machine and PLC and Mechanical timing based. So Pump has to flow required amount of liquid in given time, consistently. This Process is Continuous and flow from pump should be even.

So drive should give correct RPM output despite changes in Load in or in input supply. So VFD should be vector control rather than simple V/F control.

VFD should have analog input terminal to set Speed of motor.

VFD should have communication port such as RS-485 or any other as per the requirement of PLC if it has to be operated from PLC.

Note: It is recommended to use 3 phase 440v input voltage supply VFD this kind of machines in India. Because single phase input machines are getting problems due to Neutral fluctuation and improper supply voltages especially in dairy at rural place.


Recommended brands

                Fuji, Schneider, Delta, Siemens, and Mitsubushi


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