What Is Life of VFD?

How much AC drive Last?

What Is age of AC drives VFD?



There are many such questions peoples always keeps on asking.  Well some of the manufacturers gives working life of ac drives in there catalog ( Like 5 Years, 7 years or 10 years).Some Mentions Life of there components such as Life of dc Bus Capacitors, Life Cycle of Electrolytic Capacitors, Life of Semiconductor components, etc. But this raise a question. Does VFD lasts the said life. The answer is NO. The life mentioned in the catalog is based on under certain conditions. If you void those conditions you wont get a desired life as mentioned.

Basically VFD manufacturers will give you life on the basis of Aging process.  Aging process is the process where electronic components are tested under certain electrical conditions and noted the changes in that components to finally conclude life of component with calculations.

Now asking about age of VFD is   similar to ask a question what mileage a car gives…? Yes, this is an equivalent question. All of us know mileage of Car depends on your use. At what condition you are driving that Car? Are you doing regular servicing? What kind of petrol diesel quality you are using? And so On.
Similar Is with ac drive or VFD. You cannot judge exact life of VFD. Life of VFD depends on following few factors

Most important is Current consumption of VFD. More the load on VFD more will be current consumption and lesser will be life of VFD. So while choosing VFD try to get it heavy duty ( with more overload current Capacity) ( Its normally mentioned as 150% overload for 60secs after every 10 mins and so on.) If this specification is more than you have selected better drive for a long life). Apart from this there are few factor which are very important and should be highlighted

  1. Installation.

VFD should be properly installed in panel. There should be enough Space left around VFD as per mentioned in user manual of each Drive. Programming should be properly done. Don’t ignore the parameters like Carrier frequency, Motor tuning, Motor related parameters, motor control type (V/F control, Sensorless vector control,etc) etc. those plays a huge role in working of VFD

2. Panel.

Panel should be properly closed and kept at neat place. If you are using Fans in Panel windows must be closed with filter Paper, Filter paper should be regularly replaced when it is jammed. There should be enough arrangements to maintain Panel Temperatures, Proper wiring is very important. Don’t forget to use protection peripheral accessories like MCB/Contactor, Line choke, braking resistor, etc as per the application needs and Ac drives Requirement.

3. Environment

In some of the industry environment is moisture, Chemical affected air, or some with conductive dust. In such case panel should have proper IP Selection. It should be of IP54 or Above. If temperature is high you must install ac In panel to maintain ambient temperature of drive within the limit. If AC cannot be installed you should Derate the VFD’s ratings. ( means you should use one or 2 size higher VFD.)

4. Periodic maintenance

VFD maintenance should be done on regular basis. Where you can clean VFD with Light Blower. Check whether the Screws are tighten properly, Check whether the connections screws are not rusted, check whether parameter settings and current consumption of drive is within the Limit. We will further post on Maintenance of ac drive separately as there are many points to discuss in dept.

If you continue to doing all above things regularly then surely you will get long life to all your ac drives. your VFD should work around 7-10 years with any trouble

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